Posting a day late as I was giving my liver a break over the weekend. Was stuck at work for a very long and aggravating day. I also woke up this morning and thought that today would be an interesting day (and that was completely true). The Porter is also stuck at his work for long aggravating days, which are also pretty interesting depending on who you ask.


1 part Vodka
0.75 part blue curacao
0.5 part Etter Zuger Kirsch
Few splashes of fresh lemon juice

Combine ingredients with ice in shaker. Shake and strain into a shot glass.


Vodka: It’s a clear liquor, you can see right through it, like our Porter friend. He is pretty transparent, wearing his feelings (SO MANY FEELS) on his sleeve.

Blue Curacao: It’s a blue liquor, like our Porter friend. He’s stuck to his lobby for all eternity. People come and go and even when he tries to play tricks, he just ends up being abused by just about everyone. He dances with himself, has to nap on that tiny sofa, clean up after everyone’s messes and all he wants is someone else. He is so so blue. (You should hug him, but not really, he’ll probably slap you).

Etter Zuger Kirsch: The cherry brandy was the last ingredient that caught my eye for the Porter. Which the reasons were clear as soon as I saw it. He can be sweet at times, but those of us know that there is a pit inside that he cannot separate himself from.  He’s also one of a kind. There may be many porters in the world, but he is the Porter (this is really good cherry brandy and you should definitely grab a bottle if you can find it).  Last, the color of cherries share that of one of my favorite porter’s hair.

Lemon Juice: He’s slightly sour about being stuck in that lobby for eternity. Try to pass him a note and see what happens. Oh he’s a bit tart.

Vessel: The shot glass comes to mind as he’s got a few lying around and nothing is ever really clean in the kitchen. Plus he’s the porter, he only needs to drink for one. He’s so lonely.